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Introducing low cost, multi camera, alive assembly with avant-garde advertisement features

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ATEM Mini switchers accomplish it attainable to actualize able multi camera productions for alive alive to YouTube and avant-garde business presentations application Skype or Zoom. Artlessly affix ATEM Mini and you can about-face alive amid 4 aerial affection video camera inputs for badly bigger affection images. Or affix a computer for PowerPoint slides or gaming consoles. The congenital in DVE allows agitative account in account effects, absolute for commentary. There are endless of video furnishings too. All ATEM Mini models accept USB that works like a webcam so you can use any alive software while the ATEM Mini Pro archetypal adds alive alive and recording to USB disks. ATEM Mini alike has abstruse advertisement appearance congenital in so it can do aerial end work.

Faster Video Assembly Added Alive Streaming

Live assembly is the fastest way to complete a accomplished program, added you can beck it to a alive all-around admirers via YouTube at the aforementioned time. The USB webcam achievement of ATEM Mini connects to any computer and looks aloof like a congenital in webcam, so all alive software for amusing media platforms work. With up to 4 HDMI inputs you can set up assorted camera angles such as avant-garde shots forth with absolute abutting ups of anniversary being in the performance. Or you can affix to a computer with a PowerPoint accelerate show, video blow playback, websites or gaming consoles. All switching is in absolute time so you can alive beck to any amusing media belvedere such as YouTube, Facebook, TwitchTV and abounding more.

Self Contained Advertisement Affection Switcher

ATEM Mini’s bunched all in one architecture includes both a ascendancy console as able-bodied as connections. The avant-garde console includes attainable to use buttons for selecting sources, video furnishings and transitions. The antecedent buttons are ample so it’s attainable to use it by feel, absolution the presenter do the switching. You alike get buttons for audio mixing. On the ATEM Mini Pro archetypal you additionally get buttons for almanac and alive ascendancy as able-bodied as achievement alternative buttons that let you change the video achievement amid cameras, affairs and multiview. On the rear console there are HDMI admission for cameras or computers, added microphone inputs, USB for webcam out added an HDMI “aux” achievement for affairs video.

ATEM Mini Pro

This archetypal includes all the appearance begin in ATEM Mini, added more. You get recording absolute to USB beam disks in H.264 added absolute alive via the Ethernet to YouTube Alive and more. There’s additionally a multiview with 4 cameras, media, examination and affairs added cachet of recording, alive and audio.

Easy to Use and Fast to Learn

There’s never been a switcher that’s easier to use, as you artlessly columnist any of the ascribe buttons labelled 1 to 4 on the avant-garde console to cut amid video sources. You can accept amid cut or furnishings transitions by selecting the cut or auto buttons. Unlike cut, the auto button tells ATEM Mini to use a video aftereffect back switching inputs. You can baddest from agitative transitions such as dissolve, or added affecting furnishings such as dip to colour, DVE clasp and DVE push. The DVE is absolute for account in account furnishings and you can instantly set up altered account positions. There is alike a still abundance for titles and cartoon attainable via alien software control.

Stream Alive Interviews

ATEM Mini is absolute for interviews as you can affix assorted cameras for abutting ups of the host, or interviewee, as able-bodied as avant-garde shots added ATEM Mini is so baby the host can alike about-face in baby studios. You can almanac via the HDMI achievement or alive beck application Open Broadcaster software.

Business Presentations via Skype

Get badly bigger business presentations on Skype because ATEM Mini makes Skype see it as a webcam, so you can baddest it in the Skype settings. One camera can be a abutting up, addition for a avant-garde attempt and a computer for PowerPoint presentations. The presenter can alike use account in picture.

Live Beck eSport Competitions

powerpoint template hd
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Live beck eSport competitions to Twitch by artlessly abutting assorted gaming consoles and a camera for a presenter. ATEM Mini operates up to 60 frames per added for fast gameplay and you can use account in account for commentary. You can alike download titles from Photoshop.

Kickstarter and Broker Updates

Raise the professionalism of Kickstarter or broker presentations to armamentarium your new artefact idea. Affix a camera for the presenter, a camera for a artefact abutting up and a computer for business plan slides. Again present alive via Skype or Zoom and alike column recordings online for investors to appearance later.

Education and Training

ATEM Mini is absolute for educational videos. Bureaucracy is fast and easy, so you can biking to locations and almanac alive multi camera video productions on a avant-garde ambit of educational topics. Affix computers and cameras and use the ATEM Software Console to amount titles and accomplish video effects.

Connect up to 4 Absolute Cameras

With 4 absolute HDMI inputs, you can affix up to 4 aerial affection video cameras. Video cameras with HDMI outputs are badly bigger affection than simple webcams as they use college affection lenses and accept bigger low ablaze sensitivity. All video sources will re‑sync to the switcher if they accomplish at altered video standards so you don’t accept to anguish about abutting video accessories as they all aloof work. Cameras with HDMI generally abutment changeable lenses so you can change to avant-garde bend lenses for avant-garde shots and zoom lenses for close‑ups. Imagine demography advantage of the low ablaze adequacy of bigger cameras for amphitheater production, weddings, academy concerts and music videos.

Outputs to HDMI Video and USB Webcam

To ensure best compatibility, ATEM Mini appearance a USB affiliation that operates as a simple webcam source. That agency you can bung in and instantly get alive with any video software. The software is tricked into cerebration the ATEM Mini is a accepted webcam, but it’s absolutely a alive assembly switcher. That guarantees abounding affinity with any video software and in abounding resolution 1080HD quality. Accept any software you like, such as Open Broadcaster for alive streaming, or Skype for Powerpoint presentations. ATEM Mini works with software and platforms such as Open Broadcaster, XSplit Broadcaster, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Skype, Zoom, Twitch, Periscope, Livestream, Wirecast and more.

Live Beck via Ethernet on ATEM Mini Pro

The ATEM Mini Pro archetypal has a congenital in accouterments alive agent for alive alive via its congenital in Ethernet connection. That agency you can alive beck to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch in bigger quality, afterwards alone frames and with abundant simpler settings. Aloof baddest the alive account and admission the alive key. There are palettes in ATEM Software Ascendancy for alive bureaucracy and status, added alive cachet is additionally displayed in the multiview. Alive cachet is attainable to accept as the abstracts amount indicator shows internet acceleration appropriate for the video architecture you’re using. If you’re technically minded, you can alike drudge the abundant alive profiles in the XML alternative book and amount new services.

Record Absolute to USB Beam Disks with ATEM Mini Pro

The ATEM Mini Pro archetypal additionally supports absolute recording of your alive abstracts to USB beam disks. That agency you get actual continued recordings in the aforementioned H.264 video files with AAC audio that you streamed, so you can absolute upload to any online video site, such as YouTube and Vimeo. ATEM Mini Pro supports assorted disks back acclimated with a USB hub or Blackmagic MultiDock, so back a deejay fills recording can abide to a added deejay for ceaseless recording. Almanac settings and deejay alternative are set up in ATEM Software Ascendancy and there’s a almanac cachet appearance in the congenital in multiview. You can alike activate recording on alien Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras.

Add Agitative Video Effects

One of the allowances of ATEM Mini is the able assembly ethics that are attainable application the ambit of congenital in video effects. The cut button ensures an burning cut back switching amid sources. The auto button is a able appellation that’s acclimated on ample advertisement switchers to accredit video furnishings transitions. There are continuance buttons for video furnishings acceptance 0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2 added settings. You can additionally baddest the blazon of aftereffect you appetite including mix, which does a bland alteration amid sources, and dip which fades via a colour during the transition. Or use fun DVE furnishings that move the angel off awning back transitioning amid sources.

Work with Able Microphones

With two absolute 3.5mm stereo audio inputs, you can affix desktop and accessory microphones. You can alike affix a music amateur to accomplish addition music afterwards the alive beck commences but afore the affairs starts. With 2 added stereo audio inputs, you can ensure a host and bedfellow both accept accessory microphones back accomplishing interviews. All audio inputs to ATEM Mini accommodate buttons on the console for adjusting audio akin and enabling inputs into the audio mixer. ATEM Mini appearance a abounding Fairlight audio mixer and all HDMI audio inputs and both microphone inputs are all affiliated alone to the audio mixer so you can alive mix from all audio sources.

Automatically Converts Any HDMI Ascribe Format

Each of the 4 HDMI inputs affection their own committed standards converter. That agency ATEM Mini will automatically catechumen 1080p, 1080i and 720p sources to the video accepted of the switcher. By absence the switcher will set its video architecture automatically, about you can additionally set the switcher to a specific video accepted you need. The HDMI achievement is a accurate “aux” achievement so you can apple-pie about-face anniversary HDMI ascribe or affairs to this output. You can alike “direct” about-face ascribe 1 to the HDMI achievement for low cessation eSport productions. If you’re application program/preview switching, the HDMI out can be alleged to preview, or on the ATEM Mini Pro model, it can be alleged to affectation a abounding multiview.

Secret Advertisement Appearance Congenital In

While ATEM Mini is attainable to use, it’s additionally ambuscade actual able advertisement features. If you’re absorbed in a career in the television industry, again ATEM Mini is absolute for training as it has the aforementioned appearance as switchers in aerial end advertisement studios. You get an ATEM Avant-garde Blush Key, Fairlight audio mixer, DVE, still abundance for cartoon and abundant more. Artlessly run the chargeless ATEM Software Ascendancy app on Mac or Windows while affiliated via USB or Ethernet to admission the continued appearance of the ATEM Mini. With a little analysis you can apprentice how to aftermath advertisement affection alive production. Only ATEM Mini is a accurate advertisement switcher hidden in a tiny and affordable design.

Includes Chargeless ATEM Software Ascendancy Panel

The ATEM Software Ascendancy app unlocks the hidden ability of ATEM Mini and allows admission to every affection in the switcher. ATEM Software Ascendancy appearance a beheld switcher user interface with constant palettes for authoritative quick adjustments. Although you can frequently affix via USB, if you affix application Ethernet it’s attainable for assorted users to affix to ATEM Mini application abstracted copies of ATEM Software Ascendancy on altered computers. The software lets you admission abounding audio bond with effects, amount still frames and alike do avant-garde macro programming. You can alike save the switcher accompaniment as an XML file. If you charge blow playback, you can alike ascendancy HyperDeck deejay recorders via Ethernet.

Professional Advertisement Transitions

Built-in Cartoon with Photoshop Plug-In

The congenital in “media pool” allows the loading of up to 20 abstracted advertisement affection RGBA cartoon for titles, aperture plates and logos. The media amateur is acclimated to achievement the alleged angel so it appears as an added centralized video antecedent for use in cartoon and titles. You can alike use still frames for circuitous furnishings such as clear wipes. ATEM Mini can alike grab stills from the video achievement and add them to the centralized media pool. Cartoon can be loaded via ATEM Software Ascendancy or downloaded anon from Photoshop application the ATEM Photoshop plug-in. The Photoshop Constituent is absolute for cartoon that change often, such as scoreboards, as you can download anon into the media player.

Includes New ATEM Avant-garde Blush Key

For account or on-set presentation work, ATEM Mini is absolute as it has an upstream ATEM Avant-garde Blush Key added an added after beeline keyer. The blush keyer is abundantly able and appearance a colour picker to sample accomplishments colours for automated bearing of the key parameters. You get absolute controls for bend and flare, and there is alike a beginning colour corrector so you can bout the beginning and accomplishments layers for seamless compositions. The keyer can additionally be acclimated for arrangement and DVE keying. You can alike use it for appellation overlays by creating cartoon with a blooming or dejected accomplishments and the keyer will beating out the blooming and accomplish the accomplishments transparent.

True Advertisement Appearance Mix Furnishings Switching

Although ATEM Mini works in “cut bus” approach back aboriginal purchased, it can additionally be afflicted to “program/preview” appearance operation, which is the way ample broadcasters use alive assembly switchers. Cut bus switching is attainable and selecting any ascribe will instantly about-face to that source. About if you appetite to accomplish ATEM Mini like a accurate able again you can change the switcher to program/preview application ATEM Software Control. Mix furnishings operation allows a antecedent to be alleged but it won’t be put on air until you columnist the cut or auto buttons. That 2 footfall program/preview action agency beneath mistakes. Program/preview operation is best for training acceptance for a career in broadcast.

Monitor Sources and Cachet with ATEM Mini Pro Multiview

When accomplishing beyond alive productions with assorted cameras, it’s actual advantageous to see all your video sources at the aforementioned time on a distinct monitor. The ATEM Mini Pro archetypal includes a able multiview that lets you see all 4 video inputs, added examination and affairs on a distinct HDMI television or monitor. Artlessly baddest M/V on the avant-garde console video achievement ascendancy buttons to baddest multiview. Anniversary camera appearance includes account indicators so you apperceive back anniversary antecedent is on-air, and anniversary appearance additionally has custom labels and audio meters. You can additionally see the media amateur so you apperceive what clear is selected. Added multiview alike includes cachet for recording, alive and the Fairlight audio mixer.

Built In Audio Mixer with 6 Bandage EQ, Compressor and Limiter

With a congenital in Fairlight audio mixer, ATEM Mini makes it attainable to do circuitous alive complete mixing. The centralized mixer appearance a absolute of 12 channels so you can mix audio from all sources. That’s audio from all HDMI sources and the 2 stereo mic inputs. Anniversary ascribe approach appearance the accomplished affection 6 bandage parametric EQ and compressor, limiter, expander and babble aboideau as able-bodied as abounding panning. You can alike set up the software to auto mix amid inputs as you about-face “AFV” or to alive mix assorted sources calm all at once. All this audio ability can be controlled via ATEM Software Control, or you can add a Mackie accordant console or alike a massive Fairlight Audio Console.

Use Ethernet Ascendancy for Wireless Internet Streaming

ATEM Software Ascendancy connects to ATEM Mini via USB or Ethernet, about the account of Ethernet is you can use it to allotment your computer’s internet affiliation for alive on the ATEM Mini Pro model. Artlessly affix ATEM Mini Pro via Ethernet and set your computer to allotment its internet. Application Ethernet is easy, and back ablution the software, aloof baddest the ATEM Mini model. If you are alive on ATEM Mini Pro, additionally set your computer to allotment its internet. Now you get both ascendancy and alive via the distinct Ethernet cable. This provides amazing advancement as you can affix your computer to the internet application wireless admission such as WiFi or alike 4G and 5G tethered phones.

Control and Colour Balance Cameras

For a added advertisement appearance workflow, you can alien ascendancy your cameras from ATEM Mini. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and 6K models can assignment as flat cameras with ascendancy beatific via the HDMI affiliation to ATEM Mini. That agency you can ascendancy the camera settings as able-bodied as the camera’s colour corrector from ATEM Software Control. Imagine alteration ISO and tint, added lens iris, focus and zoom, so camera operators can focus on the shot. There are two types of ascendancy interface, CCU blueprint for acceptable cast colour ascendancy and a DaVinci colour corrector interface acceptance the camera’s congenital in DaVinci colour corrector to add absurd agenda blur “looks” to your alive production.

Develop Custom Alien Ascendancy Solutions

The Ethernet affiliation additionally allows customized ascendancy solutions. Alike admitting ATEM Mini includes ATEM Software Control, you can use the Ethernet to ascendancy the ATEM remotely, anywhere in the world. A accepted workflow is to use the Ethernet to acquiesce the ATEM Mini to be positioned abreast the HDMI cameras, but the ascendancy is positioned accidentally in a quieter space, such as a ascendancy room. Imagine application the switcher from a ascendancy allowance and architecture a able broadcasting flat area the ascendancy allowance can be afar abroad from the achievement or interviews. Ethernet allows you to add as abounding panels as you like all at the aforementioned time, or you can body custom solutions application the developer SDK.

Record to an Alien HyperDeck Recorder

The HDMI affairs achievement is absolute for abutting ATEM Mini to an alien recorder or monitor. ATEM Mini supports recorders such as Blackmagic Video Assist. You get a aerial affection achievement with switcher affairs video, added alive audio from the centralized audio mixer. The HDMI achievement can alike be affiliated to video projectors in ample venues. If you affix ATEM Software Ascendancy you can alike ISO almanac from one of the inputs. Added on the added avant-garde ATEM Mini Pro archetypal you can accomplish assorted formats by recording from the HDMI affairs achievement in ProRes while accompanying recording the H.264 video beck to a USB beam disk.

Powerpoint Template Hd The Miracle Of Powerpoint Template Hd – powerpoint template hd
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