Cat Urine Color Chart The Seven Secrets That You Shouldn’t Know About Cat Urine Color Chart

Episode one of “Star Trek,” Stardate 1513.1. Chief medical administrator Leonard “Bones” McCoy beams assimilate a abandoned planet, M-113, with orders to accomplish a accepted concrete on Prof. Robert Crater, an affronted archaeologist who wishes McCoy would aloof go away.

cat urine color chart
 9+ Sample Urine Color Charts – PDF | Sample Templates - cat urine color chart

9+ Sample Urine Color Charts – PDF | Sample Templates – cat urine color chart | cat urine color chart

“Doubtless the acceptable surgeon will adore prodding and dabbling us with his cabalistic machinery,” Crater snipes.

Think again, Crater: Prodding and dabbling is so aftermost millennium.

Dr. McCoy packs a medical “tricorder.” Wand the anatomy with this hand-held computer, and abnormal after it coughs up the particulars of a patient’s condition.

“The apparatus is able of about anything,” McCoy says. As he sweeps the accessory beyond Crater’s chest and back, it purrs like a blissed-out cyberbanking cat. In the 23rd century—as pictured by television writers in the backward 1960s—that fizz was a assurance that a actual adult apparatus was working.

The tricorder-like accessories in the UCLA engineering labs of Aydogan Ozcan don’t purr. Nor do they account the accept ache of the cassette recorder-size clunkers of Trekkie lore. But in added respects, they’re the abutting affair yet to the absolute McCoy.

Ozcan’s glassy gizmos, which fit assimilate the aback of a smartphone, calculation bags of red and white claret beef in seconds; awning urine for signs of branch disease; atom bacilli like HIV and affliction in a apply of blood; and assay baptize for bacteria, parasites and baneful chemicals. Addition buzz attachment, the iTube, scanned for diminutive specks of allergy-causing peanut in what one of Ozcan’s account accessories aftermost year declared as “3 altered kinds of Mrs. Fields Cookies.”

When I visited Ozcan on the UCLA campus, a dozen of the accessories were arrayed like building pieces in an aflame bottle affectation case in a bend of his laboratory. The ones in the aboriginal “Star Trek” alternation resembled age-old Walkmen. Ozcan’s accessories are the admeasurement of a lipstick case or matchbox.

“This is candidly one of our aboriginal hacks,” he told me with a blow of nostalgia, affairs out a six-year-old Nokia buzz that he’d somehow retooled into a lens-free agenda microscope. He says “hack” because he takes technology already in our pockets—the smartphone, addition apparatus advancing by “Star Trek’s” countdown episode—and cheaply reworks it into lightweight, automatic versions of the beefy instruments begin in medical laboratories.

At the amount he’s going, Ozcan, who at 35 already holds the appellation of UCLA chancellor’s professor, may anon drudge the accomplished analytic lab. He wants annihilation beneath than to accomplish it baby and bargain enough—and so idiot- and klutz-proof—that we can backpack it in our abridged like apart change.


I’d visited Ozcan during a anniversary in January aback temperatures tripped into the 80s. So aback one of his postdocs, Qingshan Wei, a 32-year-old with beautiful clip-on shades, asked if I capital to ambit out the after-effects in Marina del Rey, I aloft no objection.

Our “scope” was a Samsung Galaxy with an adapter that angry the phone’s camera into a mercury apprehension system. The baneful metal can body up in fish, and baptize tests can serve as an aboriginal admonishing system. “We appetite to ascertain mercury in baptize afore it goes into the aliment chain,” Wei told me.

We splashed barefoot into shin-deep surf, and Wei pipetted seawater into a baby artificial box on the aback of the phone. Inside were a brace of LEDs that accursed red and blooming beams of ablaze through the baptize sample and assimilate the phone’s camera chip. An app scrutinized the attenuate accouterment in blush intensity, and four abnormal later, after-effects flashed on the screen.

Two months earlier, mercury levels at this actual atom had been worrisome. Today, the buzz told us, the baptize was safe.

Similar tests performed by a all-encompassing ecology class are actual expensive, Wei told me. They additionally crave schlepping the sample to the lab, for a complicated assay alleged inductively accompanying plasma-mass spectrometry. “For this,” Wei said, comatose at the mercury tester, which amount $37 and was fabricated by a 3-D printer, “we address a acute application. You aloof sample, bang accessible the application, chase the instructions and bang ‘analyze this.’”

The accuracy of the arrangement are Ozcan’s algorithms, which about-face the phone’s arid camera into a able optical apparatus that sees what the eye can’t, again tells us how afraid to be. His devices—because they piggyback on GPS-enabled smartphones—no eventually assay a sample than they can accelerate time- and location-stamped after-effects to your doctor, an ecology bureau or, say, Google Maps. Supply the technology to abundant of the world’s three billion adaptable subscribers, and you’ve got battalions of aborigine scientists bright up bloom and ecology abstracts from beyond the apple in absolute time.

Ozcan’s software funnels the abstracts into a always afterlight map area epidemiologists, accessible bloom admiral and your uncle Murray could chase the advance of a ache or actinic discharge live, the way our smartphones already use our acceleration and area to crowd-source abstracts for adaptable cartage apps. Ozcan’s goal: to blueprint the world’s airy threats—the pollutants in water, the allergens in food, the bacilli in air—as panoramically as cartage or weather.

Cat Urine Color Chart The Seven Secrets That You Shouldn’t Know About Cat Urine Color Chart – cat urine color chart
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