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Rachel Cline wasn’t attractive for a pet.

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The alone acumen she was at the Loudoun County Beastly Services accommodation on Sept. 15, 2019 was to bead off donations with her stepmother.

But aback she absolved by the cages of animals, one cat bent her eye: his beige- and peach-colored fur reminded her of Tommy, her adolescence cat.

“I opened the crate and he leapt and plopped in my accoutrements and fell asleep,” Cline said.

That’s how Cline’s now-infamous cat, Plop, got his name.

“Since the day I brought him home he was the absolute pet,” Cline said.

What already was a adventure of a by-chance pet acceptance has angry into a atrocious reunification effort. Plop’s name and face now band the streets of Columbia, as volunteers, pet accomplishment organizations and Cline chase for her missing cat.

After a May 31 bonfire at the Clary’s Crossing circuitous that destroyed Cline’s accommodation and damaged 23 others, the association has sprung to activity animate to accumulate Cline and her admired Plop.

Where did Plop go?

Cline’s accommodation was engulfed in bonfire by the time she pulled up to her circuitous in her white Hyundai.

Just 45 account beforehand the 28-year-old was on her way to Bel Air aback her buzz pinged, an active from her Amazon Alexa app advertisement that the smoke detectors in her accommodation had gone off. Cline didn’t anticipate abundant of it at the time because her acute home aegis arrangement was set up to ascertain about everything.

But Cline’s affection was accepted amiss aback a acquaintance phoned: Her accommodation architecture was on fire.

She anon angry around. She bare to get home to accomplish abiding Plop was OK.

Cline said she sped home, and aback she pulled into the development a firetruck was blocking the parking lot. Abaft the barter Cline bent her aboriginal glimpse of the architecture smoldering.

“It’s affectionate of like adit vision,” she said.

Cline ran accomplished the firefighters and the chicken attention tape, beeline into her accommodation building. With her aboriginal bottom in the aperture of the architecture Cline could feel the water. It accomplished her ankles every footfall of the way up to her third-floor apartment.

“When you lose a pet or addition you love, you’re not anxious about your own safety,” she said.

She accomplished her accommodation aperture and peered inside. There was annihilation to see accomplished the advanced door.

“That’s aback the severity hit me, from the advanced of the building, you couldn’t absolutely see the damage.”

A firefighter begin an comfortless Cline and escorted her out of the still-smoldering building.

Cline afterwards abstruse that a acquaintance approved to accomplishment Plop, but the cat got away, active aback against the fire.

“Unfortunately we don’t apperceive what his fate was,” Cline said of Plop.

According to the Bonfire Department’s Investigative Report, the bonfire was adventitious in nature. Already the bonfire was extinguished, firefighters begin no signs of life-forms in Cline’s apartment, arch her to accept Plop survived the blaze.

When Cline was able to acknowledgment to the accommodation June 9, aggregate was bargain to ash. In her aback bend closet she begin the alone three items that remained intact: one of her Army hats, a baby adamant horse and a allotment of bank art that apprehend “Life is Better with a Cat.”

“The three things in my activity that are important to me [are] my horses, my cat and my job,” said Cline, who works for the U.S. Army’s announcement agency. “It was acrid to me that the three things I was able to retrieve were the things that were best important to me in life.”

Plop’s army

The night afore the fire, Cline had a photo shoot with Plop, accession new images of her adored cat. At the time, Cline had no abstraction how accessible the images would be, or how all-over they’d become about Columbia.

It all started with a few flyers. Again Cline acquaint on Nextdoor, a amusing networking app for neighborhoods, anecdotic Plop and the contest surrounding his disappearance.

The responses caked in. An army of volunteers was forming, Columbia association associates and association of Clary’s Crossing alike.

After the fire, Leslie Briggs, who lives in addition architecture in Clary’s Crossing, was scrolling through Nextdoor attractive for added advice about the bonfire aback she saw Cline’s post.

“If it were me, I’d achievement addition would advice me, too,” the 25-year-old said.

She messaged Cline and abutting the efforts. As one of the few volunteers who lived in the accommodation complex, Briggs acquainted she had the absolute anchor atom for Plop. Briggs, who was already animate from home, confused her workspace out to her balcony.

“Because I’m animate from home I accept absolutely adjustable assignment hours and said to my bang-up that I absolutely appetite to advice this babe acquisition her cat,” Briggs said.

Four altered kinds of flyers accept broadcast aback Plop’s disappearance. They’re apprenticed into the bottle at storefronts in Columbia, they’re printed assimilate T-shirts some volunteers abrasion and they’re abridged into business cards.

Elizabeth Jayne, 59, saw Cline’s column on Nextdoor she was devastated.

“I’m a cat person. I’m a pet person. Aback I’ve apparent absent animals [in the past] I’ve approved to advice acquisition them,” Jayne said.

To help, Jayne afflicted the routes of her circadian walks to ability abeyant credibility or paths breadth Plop could be. Forth her walks, if Jayne would run into bodies she would ask them to analysis beneath their decks, and in their shrubs — anywhere Plop could be hiding.

“You never apperceive what to apprehend because candidly we’re trespassing, abnormality about these neighborhoods,” Jayne said.

Dondra Coniglio, 53, has additionally been allowance with advance efforts. She fabricated azure T-shirts with one of the flyers printed on the aback for some of the volunteers to wear. Coniglio wears her shirt anytime she goes on errands or on walks to attending for Plop.

“Plop has become absolutely able-bodied accepted in the area,” Coniglio said. “Some bodies will analyze [about the shirt], but some bodies already apperceive about him. It can’t aching to abrasion it about town. It’s aloof added awareness.”

The background has been abundantly larboard to the volunteers. Aback the bonfire destroyed Cline’s home, she was affected to move in with her parents in Virginia, a 90-minute drive from Columbia.

“[The volunteers have] absolutely been there to abutment me, be my eyes and aerial aback I couldn’t be there in person,” Cline said. “This is on their own time, their own dime.”

What does it booty to acquisition a missing animal?

Denise Harris has been circuitous in the chase from about the beginning, aback Cline accomplished out to Absent Beastly Resource Group the day afterwards the fire.

Harris, of Ellicott City, is one of the four co-founders of LARG, a nonprofit that helps association accumulate with absent pets. The organization, founded in November, has accustomed 1,001 requests for help..

“What I didn’t apprehend at the time [when Cline accomplished out] was that she had an army of bodies allowance her already,” Harris, 62, said.

But there are a few factors that accomplish the Plop’s accretion difficult, according to Harris. Already animals are gone for an continued aeon of time, they usually charge to be trapped. It’s absurd they’ll acknowledgment to their homes on their own.

“With a bonfire it’s worse. [Animals] run from a alarming bearings and they tend not to appear aback to breadth the alarming bearings happened,” Harris said.

Then there’s the abridgement of acumen in Plop’s appearance.

“You don’t apprehend until you’re missing an orange cat, how abounding orange bodies there are in Columbia,” Harris said. “If you’re missing an beastly that has a audible appearance, it’s a lot easier to find.”

Originally Harris drew a 2-block ambit about the Clary’s Crossing complex. Generally, she said, bodies tend to break close, but with no sightings of Plop, Harris broadcast the radius.

“I don’t anticipate there’s a allotment of Columbia that doesn’t apperceive about Plop,” Harris said.

Hope for the future

Sometimes it takes years for pets to be reunited with their owners, Harris said. In this situation, it helps that Plop is microchipped. If addition finds him, they’ll calmly be able to get in acquaintance with Cline.

Until then, Plop’s army is out analytic for him, announcement flyers forth walking paths and ambulatory calm to accompany Plop aback to Cline.

“We’re cat people, we’re pet bodies and sometimes I anticipate we are demography it to a little too far of an extreme, but we booty this obligation that we’re activity to booty affliction of our pets, and that’s abaft aggregate Rachel does,” Jayne said.

On Sunday, Cline took a abiding footfall against befitting Plop’s anamnesis animate with her. She got his acceptance date tattooed on the central of her appropriate wrist: IX. XV. XIX.

“I never would accept absurd so abounding bodies would appear calm for a cat,” she said.

Briggs is beneath surprised. She knows bodies appetite to do some acceptable amidst the communicable uncertainty.

“Sometimes you see article absolutely bad happen, you see someone’s accommodation go bottomward in bonfire and there’s annihilation you can do, so you do what you can to help,” Briggs said. “A lot of bodies adore the boldness that [Cline’s] looked this continued and this hard.”


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