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This story, as allotment of a alternation on architecture the SubSonex, originally appeared in KITPLANES.

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There comes a day in every aeroplane body breadth there is annihilation larboard to do but ample it with fuel, get in and booty it aloft. But amid the time aback you accept angry the aftermost bolt and activated the aftermost placard and that aboriginal flight day, there are still a few things you charge to get done—and best of them absorb paperwork. That paperwork leads to the final licensing analysis and (hopefully) a Special Airworthiness Certificate.

The jet was no different, except that in accession to the accustomed builder’s log, logbook with an antecedent analysis signoff, allotment affidavit and weight and antithesis documents, we additionally had to accept an accustomed aliment plan for both the airframe and the agent aback it was a agent powered machine. Fortunately, there is no charge to accomplish these from scratch. The agent comes with an acutely complete aliment chiral from PBS Aerospace, and Sonex has already produced a aliment plan that you can use as a arrangement for your own jet.

Having a acceptable accord with our bounded FSDO inspectors, they were acquainted of the jet activity able-bodied in beforehand and acquisitive to advice get it licensed. In fact, the ambassador assigned went aloft and aloft in aggravating to bulk out a way to abate the accepted 40-hour Phase 1 timeframe. His access was that aback he had apparent acceptance paperwork for the agent in Europe, he capital to accord me a 25-hour Phase 1 time, but alas—neither of us could absolve it because it didn’t accept U.S. certification.

Nevertheless, he was added than all-around in the admeasurement of my analysis area, 150 nm in radius, because of the charge for best runways than appropriate for archetypal Experimental designs. Because of my area on the eastern bound of Carson City, Nevada, that still alone gave me about eight accessible runways on my ancillary of the Sierra Nevada—a appalling abundance ambit to cantankerous in a new aircraft.

The analysis was appointed and came and went with ease—we’d had abundant builders and A&Ps attending over the activity afore the final day, and annihilation was larboard to chance. In absolute fact, the jet is so simple that there is actual little to inspect. The ascendancy arrangement is straightforward. The agent has aloof a brace electrical connectors and a ammunition line. And the ammunition arrangement itself—well accepted as the Achilles’ heel of Experimental aircraft—is clay simple. We bound had the airworthiness affidavit and operating limitations in duke and looked advanced to the aboriginal flight.

I’ve been complex in flight analysis operations my absolute alive life, and I don’t booty them lightly—no bulk how simple the aeroplane ability be. The SubSonex is simple, but it is additionally small, and the ascent acceleration is aerial because of the bottomward casting moment of the top-mounted agent and the charge to get lots of acceleration to accomplish the ruddervators effective. With abbreviate little landing gear, that aerial acceleration (about 75 knots at rotation) seems appealing abuse fast—it’s like a antagonism go-kart—and if article were to go amiss in the ascent or landing roll, it could get ugly. Therefore, we set low wind banned with about no crosswind accustomed for the aboriginal brace of flights.

Because the aircraft’s retractable accessory has a about low addendum (and extended) speed, able-bodied beneath the best bulk of ascend speed, we did a accident barter about abandoning it on the aboriginal flight. In the case of best retractable-gear aircraft, the auto are usually larboard bottomward on the aboriginal flight of a new type. Well, there had been about nine of these airplanes aureate afore mine, so we weren’t ambidextrous with a complete unknown—and the achievement that we were already at a body ambit of added than a mile fabricated me abashed to accord up on climb—so we fabricated a account of pros and cons and absitively to accession the accessory on the aboriginal flight—after all-encompassing arena testing, of course.

In adjustment to accord myself a bit of advice in the accessory department, in case we were to accept adumbration problems or questions on the gear’s position, I enlisted a hunt alike aureate by Bob Mills, a aloft Navy fighter pilot, accepted Reno racer and arch of the accumulation aerial alignment in the U.S. In short, I could advanced of no one bigger to accept on my accession in case article went wrong. I am acclimated to alive as allotment of a flight-test team, and we consistently say that a analysis pilot’s IQ drops by 50% aback he releases the brakes on the aboriginal ascent roll—so it’s acceptable to accept some able help.

We additionally put anticipation into a baby arena team, one being to attending over the absolute operation and accomplish abiding we were afterward the acclimate and accessories rules, and accession being to advice accomplish abiding that I didn’t accept to anguish about the equipment—or annihilation else. All I had to do was get in and fly. Our acclimate rules were rigid, and they were not to be broken—even admitting our hunt pilot and alike came from accession airport. As it angry out, we didn’t accept to worry; the acclimate was admirable the day we were accessible to go, and we absolved bound through our procedures until I was at the end of the runway, accessible to roll.

“SubSonex 958PD, rolling for takeoff,” I appear as I formed in 90% power, arrested the gauges, afresh appear the brakes and firewalled the throttle. With aloof 260 pounds of thrust, the jet does not bound advanced like it’s advancing off a catapult—but already it gets going, it continues to get going! The nosewheel council was positive, and it wasn’t adamantine to accumulate it straight—after reminding myself I didn’t charge any appropriate (or left) adviser to annul torque or P-factor. I had absitively that 80 knots was a acceptable cardinal for rotation, based on my memories from my appraisement rides about four years earlier, and the jet popped off the arena with aloof a slight bead of the larboard accession because I had yet to beforehand a feel for the aloof point of the sidestick. We were up and climbing, the accessory retraction was absolute and the aeroplane acquainted good—until it was time to abate angle a bit.

It was afresh that I noticed the stick was appealing abundant all the way forward, and I was not accepting any cogent bulk of angle down. Abbreviation power, the aboriginal aptitude aback you feel a ascendancy issue, was a bad idea—the jet noses bottomward with thrust, up with abridgement of it. So I pushed the burke advanced afresh and accomplished that one way to get the adenoids to bead would be to aeon the aeroplane into a bank, abbreviation the vertical basal of lift and absolution the adenoids allotment downward. I bound begin an attitude breadth the armament counterbalanced out, and I could advanced a moment. This wasn’t a trim issue—the trim is aloof a bounce bent on the stick. No, I didn’t accept abundant bottomward elevator.

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I could, however, accomplish bottomward casting moment with the gear, which adds annoyance beneath the centerline. So out came the gear, and things got better. Abutting on my list—flaps! With the flaps out, I had alike added nose-down casting moment, and I now had abundant ascendancy to fly it about the application and set up for a landing, which went well. It was a abbreviate flight, but there was no damage, and all we had to do was bulk out what was wrong.

As it angry out, it was—as usual—a aggregate of things. While I had acceptable biking in the ruddervators aback they were deflected by hand, the aloof point of the stick was too far advanced to accomplish the force I bare to get them there aback front-driving the system. The stick position was off because the pushrod was adapted too long—but it was adapted as abbreviate as it could go because of the breadth of the threaded portions of the assembly—the rod end bearings could alone go on so far. Cutting off a little of the cilia and abridgement the pushrod brought the stick added aft aback the ruddervators were neutral, giving me added travel.

The added accidental agency was that the ancestor jet had a simple bike anchor on the abbreviate stick, admitting the assembly units came with a “fighter style” grip, which is abundant longer. In adjustment to use this grip, the architect needs to cut about an inch and a bisected off of the metal stick—but this wasn’t acclaimed anywhere on the plans. The achievement that the consistent anchor was best than advised (coupled with the incorrect aloof point) meant that I was appropriate up adjoin the console switches aback I was blame adamantine for abounding down. Oh well—this is what you acquisition as an aboriginal adopter of a design, and it was article none of our inspections had bent afore the flight—we anchored it and flew afresh a few canicule later. All was great, and we had abounding ascendancy of the jet.

The third flight gave us our alone added aberration on the analysis program, and while at aboriginal I was abashed that we ability be abrading up the basal of the admirable acrylic job, added accurate and step-by-step troubleshooting brought us bottomward with no trouble.

The flight was advised to exercise accessory and flaps, and exercise them we did. On about the third extension, I acclaimed that instead of the accepted “slam” of the adenoids accessory advancing down, I acquainted aloof the softer blast of the mains and got no blooming ablaze for the nose. My hunt alike accompanying mentioned that it looked like the adenoids accessory was afraid up, with the accessory aperture about 30° open.

The accessory on the SubSonex is aeriform and pushes up and bottomward with air pressures of amid 90 and 110 psi. All three auto will chargeless abatement if you lose air pressure—but the adenoids accessory has to beforehand the accessory aperture accessible adjoin a spring. The capital accessory doors are absorbed to the accessory legs and action no resistance. Because the adenoids accessory has to accept some air burden to let it force its way bottomward through the accessory door, Sonex came up with a simple band-aid in case this didn’t happen—a dispensable Delrin drift beneath the adenoids cone, aloof advanced of the accessory well. If the adenoids accessory doesn’t appear down, you artlessly acreage on the mains and lower the adenoids to the pavement. Replace the drift and you’re on your way.

I didn’t absolutely appetite to advise the acrylic on the drift on this, our third flight. However, we had an hour and a bisected of ammunition and a abundant hunt pilot who had been through a agnate botheration with the adenoids accessory on his chase alike a few months before. So we knew the drill. First, we absitively not to aeon the accessory again—the air burden was low, and while it was aggressive anytime so boring (indicating the pumps were aggravating to accession the burden in the reservoir), it was bright they weren’t activity to get the job done. The mains were down, and that’s what we absolutely wanted, so we weren’t activity to blend with the switch. Afterwards aerial about for ten account watching the burden abort to get to a akin breadth it would lower the accessory on its own, we approved the “G method” of architecture up speed, afresh affairs to see if the added weight of the accessory would pop it down.  Unfortunately, with the low gear-down speed, it was adamantine to accomplish abundant G’s afore the activity aloof bled away.

Our abutting ambush was simple—with the aperture accessible about 30°, we acquainted that if we could ancillary amount it, that ability be aloof abundant to get it to go the blow of the way. It acquainted like it was appropriate at a angled point. How do you amount a side-opening accessory door? Blast some wind at it from the side! This was easy—a big cossack of appropriate adviser brought the about wind in from the larboard and pushed the door…open! With a thunk, the accessory was down, and we were aback in our blessed place.

Inspection on the arena showed that the anew retrofitted air arrangement (an advancement from the ancestor featuring ¼-inch ambit in abode of the aboriginal 1/8-inch tubing) acclimated push-to-connect accessories accepted on air systems throughout the busline and accomplishment industry. But in the actual tiny nosewheel able-bodied of the SubSonex, the “down” corrupt had been in a position breadth it was agilely affected by the nosewheel on anniversary retraction. This ablaze blow artsy the applicable abundant to aback out the corrupt about a millimeter at a time—and on that flight, it accomplished the point breadth it leaked. The answer? Cocking the applicable anytime so hardly to move the corrupt a little added abroad from the annoy and putting a allotment of assurance wire in the canal of the applicable so that it couldn’t be artsy and “released.” And we added a allotment of black band about the tubing, appropriate abutting to the fitting, so it is accessible to do a beheld analysis afore anniversary flight to see if it has backed out alike a tiny bit. It didn’t in all the blow of the flight analysis hours.

Such is why we test—and test, and test. It’s additionally why we accept advancement affairs and procedures for aback things go wrong. Not “if” things go wrong—but when. Spending a activity in flight analysis gives you that attitude.

About the time we started aerial the jet, the EAA had assuredly appear the new EAA Flight Analysis Chiral and the associated FTM Analysis Cards. I had been allotment of the bearing of this assignment and had acclimated a abstract adaptation on my antecedent airplane’s analysis affairs to try it out, agriculture changes aback to the aggregation creating the manual, forth with some comments on all-embracing philosophy. The accomplished chiral is accessible to apprehend and understand, and the analysis cards beforehand a new builder-turned-test-pilot through the action of accomplishing a solid job of testing their new airplane. Stability, ascendancy and performance—it’s all there and accessible to do.

One of the nice things about the affairs is that, to a ample extent, cards can be completed out of order. There are some that absolutely charge to be done first—but afterwards that, you can backpack several analysis cards on any flight. If the apprehension and acclimate don’t abet with your primary mission plan, you can do article abroad instead. This is how we did it in the amplitude program; never decay a launch, alike if you can’t get the primary objective.

In the jet, I formed my way through the antecedent flights to calibrate the airspeed system, analysis the basal systems and actuate the analytical speeds (VX, VY, VS, etc.). Afresh I confused on to basal adherence being and achievement testing, afore accepting into some of the added abstruse adherence assignment and added things like ascent and landing distance. Throughout the program, you are not aloof testing the airplane, but accepting yourself acclimated to aerial the apparatus added absolutely every time you go up. The primary purpose is testing the machine—but if the pilot improves in the process, there is annihilation amiss with that. Accede it a bonus!

Eventually, it is hoped that the EAA FTM will be acclimated by the FAA as an addition agency of acquiescence for signing an aeroplane out of Phase 1—the allotment to complete a abounding analysis program, rather than aloof “flying off the hours” as abounding like to say (and do). I am a big adherent of this, although I still apprehend that aerial the abounding FTM will booty best pilots about amid 30 and 40 hours anyway—at atomic if they are honest about it. The EAA and FAA are still in the aboriginal stages of advancing this plan, but the appropriate bodies assume to be motivated to accomplish it work, so I apprehend that eventually or afterwards it will be an advantage accessible to everyone—jet or no jet.

Lest we alight too acutely into the esoterica of flight testing, phugoids and adherence curves, let’s aloof admonish ourselves why we bought the jet kit in the aboriginal place: Underlying any affidavit that you ability adduce of practicality, the SubSonex is aloof apparent fun!

I accept apprehend the opinions of those who attack it as a apathetic jet with aerial ammunition afire and not a accomplished lot of range. Sure, they’re right—20 gallons of Jet A an hour to go about 220 knots for 250 miles—and afresh you’d best be on the ground, or you’re activity to be a glider. Yup, that’s all true. So…show me your $130,000 claimed jet that doesn’t breach the coffer every time you ammunition it, or audit it—or beforehand it! No, it is not a traveling machine—but it was never advised to be. Neither is a Pietenpol or a Baby Ace or a Pitts, Eagle, or Extra.

The achievement is, we buy and body these machines for the altered adventures they accord us. Any of my RVs accept bigger cross-country performance, abridgement and alike bigger administration qualities than the jet. The jet is added than able in handling, but it is added in aeon than in pitch, and yaw is lighter still. An RV or Kitfox is a abundant added adapted beast. I can being that Kitfox into an abundantly abbreviate abundance strip, and I can fly my RV-3 all day long, adequate in the contoured cockpit with abounding IFR capability—and afresh fly aerobatics with it aback I get to my destination.

But none of those added airplanes bake Jet A, aroma of kerosene, and accomplish that bland whooshing complete aback you beforehand the burke forward. None of them accept aught beating from the power-making machinery. And none of them draw a army at the ammunition pump like the SubSonex.

Flying the SubSonex concentrates the mind. You apperceive aback you alpha the agent that you accept two hours to dry tanks—at the most. You charge to get to the aerodrome and be accessible to go aback you are at the hold-short line. Ascent is easy, and the best arresting affair about ascend is that you anguish about annihilation but attractive out for cartage and befitting to your ascend schedule. There are no CHTs to monitor, no oil acting to anguish over. There’s no admixture bulge to comedy with—just attending alfresco for cartage and get yourself some altitude! (Don’t attending at the ammunition flow, by the way…it’ll array itself out aback you ability cruise.)

We’ve aureate the little jet in balmy aerobatics, and it’s acceptable at simple rolls, loops and combinations of the two. It’s not article you are activity to breeze aeon or cull eight G’s with in a tumble. I tend to plan my aisle far in advance, abundant added in beforehand than I do in an RV, breadth I ability change my apperception in the average of a bend and about-face it into an Immelmann. Plan ahead, fly the plan—and adore the bland ride.

As I mentioned above, the rudders are adequately light, but you can add a lot of blooper afterwards abundant force, and the aeroplane feels affluence stable. Angle is about what you’d expect, but will alter a bit with CG—the added aft, the lighter it will be. And by the way, the CG ambit is aloof a few inches, but that’s OK—the alone capricious is fuel—and what you had for banquet the night before. Aeon is the heaviest of the axes because of the abbreviate stick and the attributes of authoritative with aloof your wrist. Also, because of the attributes of the Y-tail, you can calmly accept a bit of a abundant accession if you don’t accept the adviser absolutely centered—so if you acquisition your wrist accepting annoyed from captivation a accession up, allocution to your feet.

The aeroplane stalls beeline ahead, at an adumbrated airspeed of 52 knots with flaps and accessory out. Really, it’s aloof about like best of the RV agile in that regard. It bleeds off activity bound in turns, and because the agent takes time to ball up, you charge to plan advanced if you appetite to add activity to the blueprint and accumulate a abrupt about-face going.

Probably the better affair that agent pilots charge to apprentice in the jet is that agent acknowledgment lag. In ballista aircraft, you beforehand the burke advanced and get about afire response. In a turbojet, the agent sees the accession of the burke as a request: Yes pilot, I accept your request, and I’m cerebration about it. I ability go out for coffee for a bit, and I’ll advanced about giving you added beforehand aback I get back…

In actuality, it takes alone a few abnormal to get added power, but those few abnormal can be acute if you are low on access and charge to add some activity appropriate now. In fact—you can’t—unless you accept been aerial aloft the coast abruptness and befitting added speed. Remember, activity bleeds off quickly, so you can calmly acquisition yourself on the aback ancillary of the ability ambit with the adenoids advancing up, the aerodrome headed added from ability and a abandoned activity as you bore into the access lights.

Plan ahead, alike in the pattern. I like to accept the accessory bottomward afore I access downwind—but that agency I accept to be at arrangement ambit and beneath 108 knots afore I get there. It can booty some accomplishing with such a glace airframe. You’ll apparently be sliding into the arrangement ambit with the burke at abandoned and boring decelerating to that abracadabra 108. Afresh as anon as you get the accessory out, you charge to add ability to the tune of about 85% in adjustment to stop the deceleration and accomplish a adequate 95 knots on downwind. Abutting appear the flaps—put them out abeam the numbers and access the burke to about 90% because you accept the downwind-to-base about-face advancing up, and you will drain off airspeed in that 90 degrees. To echo myself—plan ahead!

The added affair you accept to get acclimated to is the cogent angle bottomward that comes with the accession of power—and the angle up that comes with ability reduction. This is article you get acclimated to bound beneath accustomed flight conditions, but if you acquisition yourself low on access and allurement for a lot of power, apprehend the adenoids to arch bottomward aloof aback you’d like it to be headed up. Anticipate, anticipate, anticipate!

None of this is meant to alarm anyone or adumbration that alone “superior” pilots can fly the SubSonex—they are artlessly characteristics that are altered than what best pilots accept accomplished with archetypal action planes and article new to be learned. So continued as you plan ahead, accumulate some activity in assets and break advanced of the game, you’ll be fine.

The SubSonex is absolutely a abundant big toy for those who appetite to acquaintance the bland ability of a jet agent but can’t allow to augment and affliction for an L-39. No, it’s not activity to go anywhere abreast as fast or as high, and yes, it burns a lot of ammunition (but not as abundant as the L-39) and you can go faster in a Lancair on beneath ammunition burn. But that doesn’t change the achievement that you accept a kerosene burner and get to acquaintance some altered aerial because of that.

I accept logged PIC time in over 130 altered types of aircraft, and with a few exceptions anniversary one of them has been fun—but anniversary in its own way. I adulation airplanes, no bulk what they are advised to do. Low, slow, fast, high—with propellers or turbines—or no ability at all! You can attending bottomward on others that don’t adore the aforementioned blazon of aeroplane that you do, or you can admit that anniversary aircraft has its own charms and attending for them as a altered experience.

The SubSonex is abstract in abounding ways, but it scratches an crawling that abounding pilots have—it goes buzz and flies smooth—and brings a smile to your face every time you fly it. It’s not for everyone. But neither is a Pietenpol—and there are lots of Piet lovers out there as well. If the complete of jet babble is for you, afresh the SubSonex is article to consider. Aloof remember—you can cut the aftermost brace of inches off of any toothbrush, and it will apple-pie your teeth aloof as well.

It’s account it if you appetite to fly a jet.

Photos: Richard VanderMeulen and Louise Hose

Yes, you can booty the SubSonex abroad from home base, but you charge to advanced about a brace of things. First, you’ll apparently appetite to go aerial to accretion efficiency. Ammunition breeze drops off forth with annoyance as you go higher, and I accept apparent 200 knots TAS while afire alone 17 gph at 17,500 feet. But it takes some aggressive to get there, and that agency fuel—so don’t be afraid aback you are leveling off and see alone 30 gallons remaining. That agency you austere one division of your accumulation aloof accepting to cruise! Frightening? Able-bodied yeah—but you can still go 200 added afar afore alpha the descent—which can be done at 220 knots with the burke at abandoned because the little bird is so slippery. You absolutely do accretion aback what you put into the climb—or at atomic abundant of it to accomplish a difference. Of course, aback you get to your destination, you charge to apprehend that all you’ll accept with you is what you can fit in your flight clothing pockets (assuming that you accept the alternative BRS; if not, afresh you accept allowance for a baby bag). Aback you get out of the airplane, anxiously accumulate your easily on the longeron because it is activity to become a tail-sitter afterwards the pilot’s weight in the cockpit. The force appropriate is alone about ten pounds, but alteration your weight carefully, afresh set the appendage down. Finally, unless you are endlessly actually in the average of nowhere, with annihilation but a ammunition pump and a agenda reader, apprehend to be chock-full by airport citizenry who will appear out and ask if that is absolutely a BD-5J…They bethink that from the James Bond film. No, you’ll say, and afterwards you’ve answered all their questions, you ability alike accept time to ammunition up, ascend in and get accession leg in afore dark. Yup—the little jet is a access allurement for sure. —P.D.

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